Nicolas DOLO, co-founder of 37 Capital, graduated in Law and Management from the University of Paris XI and Institut Supérieur de Gestion, and holds an MBA degree from Pace University (New York). He worked in the US for the asset management department of a major bank and for a high-tech corporation. Later, in Paris, he joined a capital risk fund before becoming the Director of Finance and Administration of a French law firm (notaires) specialising in commercial real-estate development. His competencies are as much in operations and financial management as they are in complex operations related to real-estate construction, acquisition, sales and financing. He speaks French, English, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and Russian.

photo Nicolas DOLO

Laurent HENRIO-LACOMBE, co-founder of 37 Capital, is a former registered Barrister of the Paris Bar. He is a graduate of the University of Paris XI and Paris IX. He was in charge of the banking department of a French law firm, and later the Manager of the financial services department of a US Law Firm. He then for three years became the Director of Asset Management for a prime private real-estate fund. His competencies are in real-estate management, sales and acquisition of buildings and portfolios of buildings, commercial leases, and construction law. He is furthermore specialised in mortgages and pledges. He speaks French and English.

photo Laurent HENRIO-LACOMBE

Laurent PRIM, co-founder of 37 Capital, is a graduate in Management of Ecole Supérieure de Gestion and holds a Masters’ degree in Construction and Real-estate Economics from the University of Paris XII. He was the Clientele Director in the commercial real-estate department of a large real-estate management firm, and later the Head of Management of a commercial property manager. His competencies are in the technical and day-to-day management of buildings, in real-estate asset valuation, and in environmental and fire-related risk management. He speaks French and English.

photo Laurent PRIM